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Santa Claus Oath

Dedicated to Jim Yellig and Charles W. Howard

Oath Committee

Santa Claus Oath Committee

Jerry Owens / Co-Chairman

Gary Isaacson / Co-Chairman

Danny Nease

Ron Breech

David Troutman

Tom Kliner

Diana Owens

David Hoopes

Penny Hoopes

Dutch Schrap

Tom Long

Ken Fulkerson

Sam Militello

Owen Davenport

Michael Rielly

Barry Walzberg

Lesa Walzberg

Carl Carlucci

Kona Gant

Harold "Buddy" Norvell

Bill Young

Dennis Blanden

Everett Johnson

Steve Gillham

Dennis Wendling

Gloria Wendling

DeAnn Johnson-Wenz

John Johnson

George Martin

Jeff Curtis

Carolyn Curtis

David Becherer

John Suhr

Tom Sheerin

Steve Small

Craig Imboden

Felix Estridge

Trever Waltos

Santa Claus Oath International Committee

Ian Loxton

Carlo Klemm

Jonathan Smith

Bernadette Dimitrov

Steve Darling